Sonic Explorers were founded in 1995 primarily as a workshop ensemble where all the members could explore their own unique composition and arranging styles. We began performing some of our works almost immediately as a result of our growing success as composers and improvisers.

As the band matured, and for no specific reason, Jerry became the de facto leader and sole composer and arranger. He has stayed true to carry the band’s original charter, and only perform and record original compositions or uniquely arranged music from many parts of the world. His compositional training came initially from many hours of transcribing and studying recorded works followed by the good fortune to have studied with Jerry Bergonzi, Ran Blake, Anthony Coleman and Frank Carlberg. His works have been commissioned and in 2008 was selected as a runner up for outstanding jazz compositions by the Massachusetts Cultural Commission.

In 2010, Jerry was selected to direct the Massachusetts Central District Senior Jazz Band including a commission of his work, Tune Formerly Known As (Prince Albert) for big band. He has also been commissioned for large and small jazz ensemble works by The Longy School of Music in Cambridge, MA, Worcester Polytechincal Institution in Worcester, MA, Lunenburg Public High School in Lunenburg, MA, Tahanto Regional High School in Boylston, MA and The Joy of Music Program in Worcester, MA.

Jerry will gladly adapt any of his current book of compositions for any instrumentation or write for the specific needs of any student or professional ensemble.

Please contact Jerry at if you are interested in commissioning any of his works or for any additional information.

Cafe Barada | Listen | Download Composition

Diablo | Listen | Download Composition

Exodus | Listen | Download Composition

La Sebastiana | Listen | Download Composition

Negative Space | Listen | Download Composition

Still Night Everywhere Reigning | Listen | Download Composition